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Insightful Traders Inc. is a family business established in LA in 2012. We create and import delightful Greek products.

Insightful Traders Inc. from passionate beginnings [(DBA) Authentic-Greek!] emerged as a Catering  [(DBA) Meltemi] and trading company [(DBA) Greek Springs], based in Los Angeles, California.

Eating Greek, a diet rich in produce, whole grains, olive oil, and fruits supports the proteins and the nutrients much needed in the working environment, at home, and in life. We embrace the Greek wholesome diet/life style and go with the Greek flow!

In doing so, at Insightful traders, we search for arete(excellence) as the highest value and the determinant of our operations.

Greek Springs Water

Greek Springs® is our premium imported bottled water brand. It is naturally alkaline with a pH of 8.0 with naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes from its journey through ancient rocks. The water is bottled at the source, Mount Ida, Crete, Greece and imported and distributed in the USA by Insightful traders Inc.

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Meltemi Catering

Meltemi is the legendary Greek wind that opens the appetite for corporate events in Los Angeles. With two kitchens in Manhattan Beach and in NOHO we support our operations covering with Greek delicacies all over LA County.

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My Land Olive Oil

We are committed to offer quality, ethically produced healthy food while practicing sustainable practices from farm to table. We produce in Greece and distribute in the USA the freshest and finest extra virgin olive oil, NYIOOC 2014 silver award winner “My Land”, from Epidaurus, Greece, a “Protective Designation of Origin” (PDO) area. The 2019-20 crop is on its way…

Specialty Food Products

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