We are Insightful Traders

We are a family business coming from a farming and restaurant background. We developed our culture around the values of organic farming and sustainability, traditional cooking with seasonal, high quality ingredients, and socializing as a fundamental for a good quality of life – in ancient Greek “ef-zin”. 

In 2012 we founded Insightful Traders with the aim of introducing products that cover human needs and help people perform better, think faster, and live prosperous. “Greek Springs”, naturally alkaline water, “My Land” award winning olive oil, organic olives, honey, wild mountain tea and herbs are few of the products presented here.

Herculean Coffee

Featured product: Herculean Shuttle Coffe, Colombian Nariño. Rich sweet chocolate notes with subtle hints of citrus that tickles the nose, while a full body delights the taste buds for an amazing flavor experience.


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Award winning organic extra virgin olive oil | Greek mountain tea and Greek nature herbs | a unique variety of Greek honey

Herculean Coffee

Single source, natural spring water, naturally alkaline with an exceptional pH level of 8, minerals and electrolytes spring water. Bottled and imported from Greece.

Two bottles of My Land olive oil
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“A fearless targeting for flavors that promote diversity and equality, ethically produced and traded, connecting the people around the world”


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